Dragonfire Premium Lighter ( WATERPROOF )

Dragonfire Premium Lighter ( WATERPROOF )

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Designed especially for lovers of luxury items, it is ideal for women and men.
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Premium Dragonfire is a luxury keychain carefully made by passionate artisans. Combines elegance and utility.
– Its meticulous designation reproduces the elegance and legendary power of the dragon, a mixture of stainless steel and hand-worked leather. Providing this little jewel lightness, tightness and robust.

-Based on a fire starter concept from the First World War, these lighters are so powerful like a dragon in your hand! Unscrew the match, pull it and strike it along the flint striker on the side.
-Give value to your house or car keys.
-A perfect gift for lovers of luxury cars and outdoor activities (hunting, fishing, camping… ..)
– This reusable match (15,000 uses) will be a lifeline for your next outdoor adventure. It works well anywhere, anytime and under any conditions, including the humid climate and when there is wind.

Shipping  flammable liquids is illegal, so these lighters are empty! But you can fill it up with almost anything –lighter fluid (napth), Kerosene, ethanol, even gasoline/petrol from your vehicule! The simple leather –and metal design ensures your Dragonfire will last for fill up after fill up




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